Cruise & Ferry Experience


Cruise & Ferry Experience program is concerned with research and education between all six schools of Aalto University in passenger ship context. Research is realized through bachelor, master and doctoral theses. For example “Kolmen kopla” - a joint master thesis projects, where marine technology meets economy and design.

Program has delivered multi-disciplinary education in “Passenger Ship Architecture” -course since 2007. Recently, education is expanding to offer a multi-disciplinary study module of passenger ship design and trading. Additionally, the program is a part of the Nordic Five Tech -international marine technology program, where its responsible of passenger ship and ferry education.

Cruise & Ferry Experience Program is continually developing international and national research networks and offers a channel to co-operation with the Finnish marine industry. The Program promotes the marine design and trading education by organizing exhibitions and seminars.

Program is a part of FIMECC Innovation & Network –research program

Cruise & Ferry organization


For further information please contact:

markus.ahola [at] aalto [dot] fi, pentti.kujala [at] aalto [dot] fi and jani.romanoff [at] aalto [dot] fi

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