Cruise & Ferry Experience -program develops high level multidisciplinary education and educates future’s multitalented professionals who are naturally navigating and communicating between engineering, design and economy. Program has offered multidisciplinary Passenger Ship Architecture course since 2007 and from the year 2011 education has expanded to study model offering education in passenger ship business, design and marine engineering. Education is constantly developed towards new affective teaching methods and program sees education taking place in virtual reality in near future where ship structure, layout and decoration could be designed in real time with real dimension.

Passenger Ship Architecture

With problem based learning in multidisciplinary environment Passenger Ship Architecture –course educates multitalented professionals for the marine industry. During the course engineering, economic, architecture and design students are together creating future cruise ship concepts and learning passenger ship and ferry product development, architecture and cruising experience within lectures given by professionals from the industry.

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Cruise & Ferry Experience –module

The Cruise & Ferry Experience study module connects studies from marine technology, economics and design in problem based learning process about passenger ship and ferry product development. Multidisciplinary student groups develop in creative collaboration future’s passenger ship concepts from various perspectives (mission, design, architecture and technical innovations). After the module students will understand passenger ship concepting process as a multidisciplinary process and are able to establish previously learned creative, technical and business skills in problem based tasks and in different phases of the concepting.

In module students can tailor their studies according to individual needs. Passenger ship architecture (Cruise & Ferry I) and Cruise & Ferry II are obligatory courses and addition students are allowed to take 10 ECTS credit points from schools of economics, arts and design and technology. After student takes a cruise & ferry II –course where the cruise ship concept is being developed based on the cumulative knowledge gained in optional courses. In addition, the program is internationally active being part of the Nordic Five Tech- network on Master Program Marine Engineering, where the Aalto responsibility is to provide education on passenger ships.

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